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FES Vilshanka
About project
  • Kirovorgrad area.
  • 21 ha
  • 12.8 MW
  • Solar

Vilshanka is located in Kirovograd area on the right bank of the river Sinyuha. The distance to the area’s central city is 125 kilometers. The city was founded in year 1750 with the current population of 4680 residents. The railway station is 18 kilometers away.


    The settlement of Vilshanka had a quite breathtaking history. In the 18th century, it was a part of the Novoslobodska Kozak establishment. In later years, the Bulgarian immigrants came the settlement, and during the war of 1768-1774, Vilshanka was officially protected by the Moldavian troops. In the 19th century, Vilshanka had the status of a military village and used to serve a role of a control point between Poland and Turkey.

    After the liquidation of the military actions and settlements, the population of Vilshanka started to increase steadily. As of 1886, there were 4,296 people,  620 households, an Orthodox church, a Jewish prayer house, a school, a station, a wine warehouse, 8 shops, and weekly bazaars. In the Soviet times, the population of Olshanka was about 5.7 thousand people, there operated an industrial plant, a food factory, a bread-baking plant, a poultry-and-incubator station, an intercollegiate construction organization, a district agricultural machinery and chemistry center, a consumer service center, a general school, a music school, a hospital and three libraries. 

FES Vilshanka

VEG's 1st project

Coordinates - 48.2o N, 30.9o E.

Elevation - 118 m.

Annual production - 14,721 MWh.

Construction finish - 05.2018

Inverter capacity - 9.5 MW.

Green tariff - 180.29 EUR/MWh

FES Vilshanka

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