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Volterra energy group was founded in 2017 as a renewable energy development and investment management group focusing in solar, wind, small hydro, energy storages, and waste-to-energy technologies. Since 2017 Volterra developed solar stations with total installed capacity about 200 MW. In 2020 Volterra energy group sold the biggest part of its solar portfolio and continues its activities now as an investment company.

We focused on sustainable business activity and investing in renewable energy, agricultural, ecological and space projects. 

Our team has combined experience in asset management, land development, construction& engineering, operations, management, legal documentation, and financing.

Our Strategy

New energy for new Europe – we concentrate our activities in Ukraine – the most promising emerging economy in Europe

Impact investment – our projects benefit the National economy and the local communities.

Grid-conscious – we locate energy generation close to potential consumers.

Long-term vision – we believe that renewable energy sources will become the main source of energy in the world.  According to Ukrainian energy strategy, renewable sources should satisfy about 25% of the country’s energy needs by 2035.

Diversified portfolio – we are combining different renewable energy technologies to provide balanced energy supply.

Our Strategy

For society – provide sustainable energy supply for the emerging economy

For economy – attract and support foreign direct investments to Ukraine; support mitigation of the EU energy standards to integrate into European energy system.

For community– create jobs, support infrastructure development and attract investments in the regions of presence.

For employees – give opportunities for professional growth and self-realization in the like-minded and progressive team.

For investors – decrease business risks in a high-risk environment by following best practices and a transparent way of doing business. 

For the planet – Decrease negative impact of the fossil fuel energy generation and bring a positive change to the environment.

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