The agro-industrial sector is important in the structure of the economy of Ukraine and the world as a whole. In 2021, the share of agriculture in Ukraine’s GDP was the highest among all sectors of the economy and amounted to more than 10%, and agro-food products also accounted for the largest share of Ukraine’s total exports – about 41% for the year. The strategy for the development of Ukrainian agriculture by 2030 envisages providing food for 1 billion people in the world.

Field irrigation is an important component for obtaining a good harvest of agricultural crops in the fields. In areas with low rainfall, artificial irrigation plays almost the main role in obtaining high yields and overall effective field management.

Volterra Energy Group chose the agrarian sphere as one of its areas of activity. Today, our company owns 1,500 hectares of agricultural land in the south region of Ukraine and is in the process of expanding the land bank to 50,000 hectares. Volterra Energy Group built a new irrigation network, and 1,300 hectares are under Zimmatic Lindsay (USA) drip irrigation systems. Corn, sunflower and soy were chosen as the main crops for cultivation.

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