Due to its natural properties, reed is an exceptional raw material for creating a wide range of products. Starting from the classic use in the form of material for building roofs, insulation in houses and decorative structures, ending with paper, cardboard, slabs for building and creating furniture, as well as biofuel. Reed is a full-fledged substitute for wood in a large number of products. Reed will be the savior of forests, replacing wood in a large number of products.

Canes is a Ukrainian reed harvesting company. The company was created for the purpose of industrial development of reed thickets of Ukraine. At present, the Canes company carries out three areas of work:

1. Harvesting and export of reed from the Khmelnytsky region and the protected delta of the Danube River. The company has mastered the construction of all-terrain tracked combines with environmentally friendly low pressure on the ground. In the territories managed by the Canes company, the annual drought fires have been stopped.

The Canes company is conducting engineering development for the release of new products:

2. Cocktail straws. Currently, the company’s engineers are creating an automatic line for the production of reed straws. Full automation of the process will make it possible to produce cocktail straws for drinks in large quantities and at a low cost. In this way, the straws of the Canes company will be able to replace plastic and paper tubes, which are harmful for the environment.

3. Plates (Chipboard). The company is developing the use of reeds and bioglue to create chipboard, MDF and other construction and furniture boards. The main goal is to create affordable ecological substitutes for wood and poisonous formaldehyde glue. The use of reed as a filler for slabs will reduce wood consumption, and the bio-glue will make the slabs safe for use in homes.

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