Innovative development is a determining factor in the growth of the enterprise’s efficiency, improvement of product quality, economical use of resources, prevention of environmental consequences of industrialization. Volterra energy group is aimed at introducing innovations and investing in such directions and has become part of such projects.

Orbit Boy is launching service for small satellites.

The Company offers an cost-effective launching services for small satellites on-demand designated launching service with a unique value proposition: launch from wherever the client is located, whenever the client desires, to the exact chosen orbit inclination.  Its Air Launch System avoids costly ground launches altogether by performing air launches from an aircraft instead, in turn opening the possibility of using any airport as a launch point.  Unlike other companies, Orbit Boy has the technological capabilities necessary for precise deployments into any orbit inclination. This flexibility feature spares clients from requiring additional maneuvers, offering a fully operational satellite right after the launch mission.

Microsatellites are doing more in shorter timelines and at lower costs. We created Orbit Boy to complement this transformational movement — to get microsatellites to orbit quickly, reliably and on-demand.


Kurs Orbital expands human activities beyond Earth by providing spacecraft on-orbit servicing.

The Kurs Orbital fleet of reusable servicers, located in different orbits, will enable satellite life extension and space debris removal missions, securing safe and sustainable orbits for generations to come.

Based on the Kurs rendezvous-acquisition system, responsible for more than 65% of all successful dockings in space since 1985, the on-orbit servicing platform helps satellite operators to clear key orbits of debris.

Kurs Orbital is building the infrastructure that makes it possible for truly scalable industry to thrive in space. Our on-orbit servicing platform makes up the base layer supporting thousands of future businesses.

Kurs ONE on-orbit servicing platform Kurs One servicer is fully reusable and will deliver the cost benefits of reusability where it really counts. With its sensors, automatic rendezvous system, robotics and control capabilities, on-orbit servicer is launched just once and remains in space throughout its long lifetime, where it is never subjected to the risk and stress of repeated reentry and relaunch.

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